Friday, February 25, 2011

Turn me on with your kiss

Is Friday and the last lesson of my CHRM, I will be having 2 major exam and is over ! HUSH ! Until now, I'm still thinking shall I take the Full Time Diploma and work part time ? Tsktsk, Xian Ming said he will support me on whatever decision that I make . Of course, it won't affect him anyway . LOL !

My advisor, Jeffrey . He said that it would be better if I could clear my debts before taking up the Full Time Diploma . He is right and I'm aware of this also but is not as easy as what we said . I'm trying hard now . Too many debts to be cleared . Shag larh !

Work have been getting more and more busy, I have no time for myself . Also, I'm having stomach cramp . You guys should know why right .

Weekend is approaching but I got no elsewhere to go when Xian Ming is working . Imma so bored to waste my weekend at home and Xian Ming have warned me to stay with him during weekend . Lol !

Off to get started another busy day of mine . Goodbye !

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Very sweet horh, *hint*

Is Wednesday, Xian Ming is OFF today but too bad I'm having classes tonight . LOL ! He nag at me since yesterday, asking me what should he do for today . Stay at home and wait for me larh ! I also doing the same when he was working during weekend, right bo ?

He did something sweet today . I left my wallet at home and Daddy bring it over to Xian Ming's house for me . I was so tired and maybe Xian Ming don't want me to be tired so he took the initiative to go down for me . He is such a wonderful Boyfriend, isn't ? Hopefully, he don't do it for action only horh . Haha !

I appreciated that, really ! I'm loving him more and more if he continue to be so sweet kay .

Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm seeking for your permission to be with me, forever .

Good morning !
I've been with Xian Ming these few days, he said he will feel secure when he see me sleeping beside him . He said he the more he see me, the more he can't live without with . Don't know is it true or not, he loves to sweet talk as it is free . LOL !

I love it when he piggy back me . Ohya, he bought me a helmet as our first Valentine Present . But I didn't get anything for him, he knew I'm broke . >< I love it when he is so understanding =)

Also, we will be travelling to Genting next weekend . Though it is just Genting but still, this is our first time and I believe that there will be more places for us to travel to in our future .

I have to admit, from his actions . He is getting to dote me more and more but I don't know would all these last or not . He asked me to control him as he can't control himself . LOL ! Teo Hian Ming, don't regret because I'm going to take your words for that .

Xian Ming, I'm loving you deeper and deeper .

Monday, February 14, 2011

my feeling is like the dead rose

Is Valentine's Day . No special feeling on this particular day . A simple sentence that came out from your mouth could be so hurt to me . Thanks to you, I have realised how deep I actually committed and how serious I was . I will digest what you have told me and will adapt it soon  . No worries, I will overcome it very fast . Don't assume I will be like them . Afterall, love is not everything .

I do believe that memories will be presented down in our brains and cannot be erased, the only thing we can do is to leave it aside and move on . But if you were to allow your past to affect your future then you are not ready to move on yet . Everyone should make an effort to build up your future and not using your new memories to overlaps your old memories . Is hurt when you are bringing your future back to your past .

I guess, we still don't understand each other .

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Same place but with a different person . LOL !

Lunar New Year Holiday is over ~! I am so sad about it . Now, I really know how to handle my emotion . So long as I don't take it too serious of his words and I will be fine . I guess I took his words seriously at all times and that's why we always end up quarrelling . So, now whatever he says, I will not COMMENT until one day he can prove me wrong if not I'm not going to take his words seriously ever again .

As for my diploma, I have decided to take up the Full Time Diploma which is going to takes me 12 months to complete it . A shorter path and an excuse for me to take a rest . So, the first priority that I have to do is to SAVE SAVE SAVE !! I need a lot of money when I'm not working . No shopping anymore . Thanks to Jeffrey, he is a very GOOD ADVISOR ! He teach me, we need to give up something in order to make another success . I loves this sentence, is true . I have to know what are my priority and go for it . I shouldn't be so short sighted .

Last but not least, I'm tired !

Monday, February 7, 2011

Nice photo ? Edited by ME . Lol !

Time files and my holiday is coming to an end . I'm now waiting for Boyf at his house . He is off tomorrow ! Yipee yaya ~ !

We had a heart to heart talk yesterday and things has been improving . I like it ! Have been thinking about it recently and I'm really contented with him now . I might not be able to be rich but still Imma happy to be with him and is enough for me .

I'm happily attached with Zhang Xian Ming . Bless me kay ^^

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Complicated, Confused .

I started to doubt on myself . I knew what I want and I knew I shouldn't do it as what I think . I gonna let everyone down if i'm going to it in my way . I'm confused, really . Everyone is telling me the same things over the years and I already expected that to happen but should I follow my heart ? Can I trust it one last time and start over again ? I don't know, really don't know . If only I could turn back the time and choose it all over again . Everything that related to it affected me . I knew I should step back but still I got myself involved . What the hell am I doing . I starts to wonder all my decision in my life . A simple life that I wish for is seems to hard to reach . Time will prove one day and I believe that is when I have to make my choice at that time . . .